welcome to my nest!

sit a spell. please excuse the mess. nests aren’t easy to keep clean ya know.

this blog will be more than an online journal. in many ways, it will be an avenue for self-discovery. it’s been a while since i’ve been craftie and since i have more time on my hands due to a few unfortunate events, i figure now is as fine a time as any to go full steam ahead into crafting. i’ve always been one that delights in working with my hands and vintage and antique items are of special interest to me. i love history and i feel that connecting to an item’s history, even if it is mostly unknown and only tangible through use of the said item, you have become a connection in that item’s history, a contributing author, if you will. when the item has been repurposed into a “new” product, you have added another chapter to that item’s history. by selling, gifting, or passing down this “new” product, the new owner adds their own chapter. ad infinitum. remember those “choose your own adventure” books? yeah…i read way too many of those in my “formative years”. and i turned out great! ^_^.

i keep a notebook next to, or rather, under my bed. there’s nothing more agonizing than having dreamt up the holy grail of all crafting projects, only to forget it in five minutes or less after brushing your teeth (i blame you, crest. it’s tom’s from now on). take yesterday morning for example. while i’m sure there were other craft projects dreamt in the past, i was actually able to wake myself up enough, but not completely, in order to remember the high notes. in my notebook, i wrote:

* cardboard
* embroidery
* laughing magpies
* small mad cat
* snickering big cat
* chattertree
* oak
* pips’ farm?

now while this listing probably makes attic greek parsing seem like your favorite comfy sweater, it gives me the composition of an art piece: a group of magpies toying with a young cat at the chattertree big oak at pips farm, while in the foreground, an older, more mature cat, who’s had their share of magpie teases, laughs at the young cat’s exasperation. “yes sir, i’m cut from a different cloth…”

inspiration abounds around me. it’s in the paths of water rushing down a rocky waterfall. or the magenta-purple sky over the mountains at sunset. it’s within the curve of desert driftwood and a mottled palomino’s coat. waterbears, diatoms, dictionaries, and hair braiding? sometimes i see things that aren’t there. all, guilty. texture, pattern, shape, and colour are primary influences for my work, in which i strive to find a harmonizing and aesthetically-pleasing balance.

but let’s be honest. while the above sounds good, sometimes, you have to simply run (into the sunset!) with an idea or object and see where it will lead/take you. this is where my magpie-ness comes in. old buttons, broken jewelry, ribbons, handspun yarns, fabrics, etc. are my baubles and nesting materials. papers, old coins, and even blown light bulbs are granted a new purpose. juxtaposition can be just as alluring as perfect symmetry. oh how i love squares and squiggly lines!

i’ve been called a packrat because of my eclectic collection. i snicker at this because in actuality, every human is a gatherer, a collector of some thing. i just happen to be blessed with finding delight in curating more than one object…


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